Link 25 Oct 2 notes a bit idealized, but nice all the same.»

But lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless, and lonely is healing if you make it.

Photo 24 Oct 26,828 notes You all know what this means.

You all know what this means.

Text 24 Oct when i say i don’t know what i’m doing after i graduate…

and people start offering suggestions. SIGH. best of intentions, i know, but really, i’ll figure it out on my own. thanks.

Text 20 Oct home. beyond the obvious…

Ravenswood. Cumby’s. Five Guys. Price Chopper. the library. the mall. the Northway. Route 9. my driveway. my mailbox. my street. Suicide Hill. the park. Matt’s house. Colleen’s house. 


Miss Shirley’s. Roland. Evergreen. Humanities. Boulder. the quad. Charles St. the Harbor. the library. Paper Moon. 

Video 20 Oct

I just want finals to be over.  I just want to see my family.  16 days until I go home.  I feel guilty for counting down, but I’m so tired.  I still have things to look forward to, but I want them to come and go.  I want to burrow into my covers and wake up in the morning and give my mom a hug.  I want to be home.

Chat 15 Oct
  • Jess: i'm in bed with a chocolate bar watching parks and rec
  • Jess: meanwhile
  • Jess: I have a presentation monday, a paper due tuesday, and a midterm wednesday that i am not prepared for.
  • Me: I LOVE YOU
Text 13 Oct snippets of recent dreams

that I just remembered

  • scary giant ocean waves
  • having to save cows that were drowning
  • getting on the wrong boat and not being able to jump back to land
  • a pregnancy scare
  • a diner
  • getting mugged at the bus station 
  • being in my house with my nephew
  • being in Glee and/or maybe dating Mr. Schuester?
Text 13 Oct 9 notes I Talk About This Too Much.

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity, right?  I’m living in BUENOS FUCKING AIRES, right?  Why in God’s name would I miss Clifton Park?

I do, though.  When I first got here, it was a sort of scared, desperate homesickness.  I didn’t know anyone or anything and all I could think was that I wanted to go home to my mom and to the easy life I was familiar with.

Now I’ve adjusted.  I’ve been here nearly four months.  But I still obviously think of home.  Only now I’m not scared and desperate; I’m tired.  I’m tired of this uncomfortable bed and the toilet being in the shower and living in an all-girls’ dorm.  I miss my brothers.  I miss my house.  I miss my parents and my nephew and my sister-in-law and my dogs.  But it’s not a tearful, sorrowful missing.  I feel like some sort of weary traveler.  I’m worn out and all I want is the comfort of the familiar.

After I’m home for a while I know I’ll miss Argentina.  And it’ll be worse because I don’t know when I will be able to come back.  But for now I’m ready to finish up, go back to Clifton Park, and sit my ass down on the couch with my parents and watch NCIS marathons.  Yup, I dream about things like that.  I want to wake up early in the morning, spend the day with my nephew, cook and bake things, read for pleasure, eat dinner at the table with my family, and watch an absurd amount of crime dramas before crawling into my beautiful, soft, warm bed.  And I want it to snow.

So I’ve got some finals to finish up, one more destination I’d like to see, and a week of bumming around the city and going out to dinner before I finally board a plane back to the U.S.  As soon as we begin our final descent, I’ll be in tears.  I miss my country.  As soon as I step on U.S. soil, my heart will explode with patriotic happiness.  And then I’ll see my parents and blood vessels in my eyes will explode from the water pressure of the tears pouring forth.  It’s going to be a great day, November 8.  See you soon, U.S.A.

Text 12 Oct 14 notes Piropo (To the Guy Outside the Laundromat)

Fuck you.  Sorry I was on my way to pick up my clothes and had to wear my athletic shorts.  No.  I’m not sorry.  SORRY I’M NOT SORRY, YOU FILTHY SONOFABITCH.  Where do you get off gawking at women like that?  There’s piropo and then there’s you, you perverted, indiscreet, contemptible pig.  I hope you took my facial expression of disgust just as it was intended.  You DISGUST me.  You are a disgusting human being.  I hope your wife hates you, though I doubt you even have a wife.  I doubt you’ve ever even seen a woman, judging by your absolute shock at my existence and presence.  I hope you’re alone.  I hope you get into a non-fatal accident that permanently damages your penis.  If I had had the opportunity, I would have kicked you in the balls, you coward.  I felt the need to shower after knowing that your eyes had looked at my skin.  I hate you, not only for being a disgusting, dirty person, but for what you represent.  You represent an attitude, a tendency of the men here to think they have the right to look down at a woman, to see her as an object, a treat for their viewing pleasure, rather than an actual human being.  I’m not here just to be looked at.  I’m not a piece in a museum or an animal in a zoo.  What makes you think you have the right to look at another human being with that look in your eyes?

Text 19 Sep 6 notes People, They Ain’t No Good

  • for as modern and aware and evolved a time as we’re supposed to be living in, people still can’t seem to treat a lesbian the same way they would treat a straight girl. it seems like that’s the problem with [name removed]. like, she wouldn’t be doing this shit if you were straight, obviously. she does what so many people tend to do when they encounter someone who is homosexual—- somehow ASSUME that they are automatically attracted to EVERYONE of the same sex

    i don’t understand how that thought process works

    a straight person isn’t attracted to EVERYONE of the opposite sex

I don’t know how people walk around thinking like this.

This ignorance makes me angry.  Especially when my best friend is suffering because of it.

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